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It's a long way from raw materials through the mixture to the finished stone. Many plant components are involved in this process. Only if the system components are matched, can one be assured of a smooth process and economical operation of the block making plant. Learn about our Concrete block production plants.

It's a long way from raw materials over mixture to the finished (Kerb)stone. Masa Kerbstone presses were developed to fulfill among other criteria, the special requirements of the "British Standard" kerbstones. This "British Standard" is still a condition in countries of the Middle East and the UK. Learn about our Kerbstone production plants.

The manufacturing of autoclaved aerated concrete products demands high standards for mixing and dosing of the aggregates, the control of the fermentation process and the control of each production step. Masa's aerated concrete installations are proven advanced technology processes, designed according to customers specific requirements. This approach allows complete solutions to ensure highly efficient, optimised processes resulting in consistent final product quality. Learn more about our plants for the production of AAC.

It's a long way from raw materials through the mixture to the finished sand lime bricks. Many plant components are involved in this process. Only if the system components are matched, can one be assured of a smooth process and economical operation of the sand lime brick production plant. Learn about our Sand lime brick production plants.

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Masa plants and machines are installed and commissioned by our own experienced fitters. Masa relies on qualified personnel, trained in Germany. Read more about the assembly and commissioning of your production line.

The Masa Lifetime service extends far beyond the actual assembly and commissioning of a plant. Masa can rely on specific know-how and an industry experience of more than 110 years. Find out more about the wide range of Masa Lifetime services.

Do you need support with your machine? Masa Support scores in both quality and significantly improved accessibility. Whether "first aid" for technical problems, updates, functional expansions of your production plant or technical questions, the know-how provided by Masa Support covers a wide range of services. Get information now.

One of the keys to increasing productivity and quality is continuous training of the machine and maintenance personnel.
The acquired know-how will pay off quickly: You and your employees only know how good a Masa machine or plant actually is, if all functions, tricks and fine adjustments are known. Learn more about Masa Customer training.

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bauma 2010: Masa – Partner of successful building products producers

3 Jun 2010 - Thanks to more than a century's experience, today Masa is the worldwide leading manufacturer of machines, installations, and components for the building products industry. Our customers are companies located on all continents, specialized in the production of building materials.

Masa showcased many exciting developments at the bauma 2010 in Munich where for the first time, it exhibited in its new corporate design. Highlighting the main exhibit were some of Masa's latest technical developments.

In the field concrete block production, Masa demonstrated its core product, the XL9.1 concrete block machine, as well as the planetary mixer PH 2000/3000. Both components are made from proven Masa technology, but in keeping with Masa tradition, the units have once again been enhanced. These many improvements to these workhorse industry standards were on display. Masa also provided a demonstration of its modular software to allow a uniform control, operating visualization, product storage, and recording of operations in Masa concrete block plants.

A special highlight which became a visitor magnet at the Masa stand was the unveiling of the new aluminum vibration table. This highly technical industry innovation is unique in the area of concrete block production and offers Masa customers a decisive advantage in the competitive environment faced by the building products producer. During the show, the Masa live demonstration vividly impressed the viewer with the multiple beneficial aspects of the new table. The advantages of this generation of vibration tables compared to conventional steel vibration type systems are: an increase in the vibration forces by approximately 25%; the reduction of the table weight by approximately 25%; and an improved compaction of the concrete as well as a reduction of the energy consumption between 10-15%, depending on the product. As a part of this exhibit, Masa showed extremely large blocks that were produced on a concrete block machine with aluminum vibration table. Blocks of this size are not possible if a steel vibration table were to be used.

In the area of aerated concrete, the featured device was a refined cutting unit used to cut the aerated concrete cake into desired sizes after the fermentation process. Additionally, the production concepts "Vario-Block" and "Vario-Pabel" were presented, which offer customized and market oriented solutions with a maximum flexibility with regard to the product variety and extension of AAC plants.

The main emphasis in the product category of lime sand stone was the presentation of different types of blocks, with a focus on their potential applications and advantages of their use. A topic of conversation was the hydraulic, electronically controlled, presses (HDP) that allow a uniform one-sided or two-sided compaction over the full height of the block. Also the machines and installations to produce flat elements and special blocks were shown to the attentive visitors.

As Masa is in touch with the market trends in the area of slab production, state of the art large sized slabs were presented at the bauma 2010 that were produced on the UNI slab press 2000/1000/7. The first one of these presses is currently under assembly in Eastern Europe and the project will initiate the industrial production of these slabs in late summer

An extraordinary success was the bauma-tour organized by Masa: More than 150 interested visitors and Masa customers accepted the invitation from the Masa team and witnessed first hand the advantages and specialties of a Masa concrete block plant. This event was possible due to the close and excellent cooperation with the concrete plant Linden in Berglern, just outside Munich.

In spite of the Icelandic volcano and the resulting lower number of visitors, Masa's bauma 2010 experience was a highly positive one. Prospects and customers were warmly welcomed at the Masa stand and were using the opportunity to have informative and extensive talks with the Masa team. The new Masa design quickly caught the attention of each customer. The corporate design included the introduction of the new Masa group logo with its fresh and vivid colors.